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Rinat Arkano USA Spine Gloves


 Product description Rinat Arkano USA Spine

Back:Synthetic latex with great softness and comfort.

Frequently to give volume, body and cushioning.

Mounted on a breathable textile base that keeps the inside of the glove cool.

Cut:Flat, is the classic cut.

The structure of the glove and palm are parallel and follow the natural curvature of the hand, thus creating a very ergonomic cut.

The latex of the palm is attached to the back by textile.

Protection system Spines:Plastic rods that protect and reinforce the fingers, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Latex:Super Softy, great cushioning and good grip.

Closure:We improved the wristband, now it is more technical and functional.

It is composed of 2 pieces joined by an elastic that improves the fit to the wrist thus providing more strength and safety.

Elastic Adjustable Velcro Strap