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Reusch Pure Contact ll G3 Fushion Goalkeeper

$107.99 $120.00

Palm of Glove: The Reusch Pure Contact represents a revolution in terms of grip, flexibility and ball control. This pioneering glove is equipped with the G3 Fusion, our most advanced palm foam ever. Manufactured G3 Fusion Foam is a combination of a G3 foam base randomly sprinkled with hard ground and wet condition latex foams on the surface. This foam will help the player in dry, wet and hard ground conditions. The Extended Lower Palm foam over the wristband area gives the keeper additional control of the ball when disturbing. The G3 Fusion foam outranks its forerunner in terms of grip in dry and wet conditions. The addition of various components makes this palm material noticeably stronger. Our Evolution Negative Cut ESS (Ergonomic Support System) uses a pattern that helps the fingers to be pre splayed (spread so the keeper has a better hand position on the ball). Our 3D Thumb Crotch is one of our latest inventions.
Backhand of Glove: The one piece FreeFlex backhand of breathable neoprene puts flexibility and ball control to a new level. Pure contact. Control revolutionized. Asymmetric slip on cuff with Integrated strap. Keep Control helps assure foam will be in contact on the ball at all times.
Construction: Our Evolution Negative Cut ESS with negative seams. This special cut allows 100% of our G3 Fusion foam on most points of contact for a maximum grip and control of the ball. Includes Rolled Thumb.